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  • Where did you find your data?

    This project was complicated and difficult, because there isn’t one central source containing all of the information about NHS outsourced services across the UK.

    In order to collate this data set, the EveryDoctor team has:

    • Reviewed the data set we originally put together in 2022, when we looked into outsourced services across the UK. We removed contracts that were no longer current, and added extra information where necessary.

    • We have reviewed all new NHS contracts published on the uk government website since January 2022, and have added those that involve patient-facing services across the UK.

    • we looked in the uk contract finder, and then followed guidance there to find further info about Wales, Scotland and NI. .

    • We have looked into the most recent information about contracts awarded to deliver GP services (updated 9th November 2023) and have added those which are clearly being run by private companies. We suspect that there are other examples that need to be added, and will endeavour to add these as we become aware of them.

    • The UK government regularly publishes a list of Independent Contract Providers. We have contacted every provider listed on the March 2024 list, to ask for information about the NHS services they run. We will add any services to the map as we hear back from the independent providers.

    • Lots of people have contacted us with information about NHS services near them. We have investigated these examples and have added them to our data set. We are continuing to add examples in this way; please click here if you would like to contribute.
  • Why are there more pins in England than in Scotland, Wales and NI?

    At the moment, there are far more outsourced NHS services in England than in other parts of the UK. This is because healthcare is a devolved issue, and the 4 nations of the UK have taken different decisions over the past 4 decades about how things should be managed.

  • Is this a complete and final list?

    No, our NHS outsourcing data is a “living” data set. We have done our best to find as many outsourced services as we can, but we are relying on our incredible network to help us to identify others. The situation is evolving all the time, and we will be updating the map with examples that people share with us, and also new data as it is published by relevant bodies.

  • I think an NHS service near me has been outsourced, but it’s not on your map. Can it be added?

    Thank you so much for identifying this! Please fill in this form with as many details as you can, and we will investigate and add this service to the map if it represents an example of NHS outsourcing.

  • How often will this information set be updated?

    We will be updating the map as people submit new examples, and our team will also update it regularly when new NHS contracts are published.

  • Are all of the NHS services on this map run by private companies?

    No, an NHS outsourced service is any service which is being run by a non-NHS organisation (some are private companies, others are non-profit organisations). We believe that all NHS outsourcing negatively impacts the NHS, for three main reasons. The contracts are often short-term, which can impact caring relationships between NHS staff and patients. The tendering of government contracts is costly and creates bureaucracy. Finally (and importantly) the outsourcing of NHS services destroys the inherent architecture of our public healthcare system, weakening the relationships between services and staff.

  • This map shows NHS outsourcing. What about other forms of NHS privatisation?

    The World Health Organisation described privatisation as “…a process in which non-government actors become increasingly involved in the financing and/or provision of health care services.” Over the past 4 decades, UK politicians have enabled privatisation to infiltrate the NHS in various ways; for example many NHS Trusts are still paying off expensive Private Finance Initiatives that were started many years ago.

    A lot of public money is also being spent on paying for private consultancy services, and in paying for hospital beds in private hospitals, because the NHS bed numbers have been cut back too far. EveryDoctor has previously looked into the PFI debt held by NHS trusts, the links between MPs and the private sector, and the private ambulance companies running NHS services. We will continue to investigate NHS privatisation, raise public awareness, and hold UK politicians to account for their decisions.

  • How can I share this information with others?

    It is extremely important that everyone understands what is happening to the NHS. NHS privatisation has been linked to avoidable patient deaths, and it must be stopped. Please share this link with others. We are hoping that thousands of people will email their MP with information about what is happening near them, and to ask their MP important questions.

  • Where is my constituency of Berwickshire, Roxburgh, and Selkirk?

    Constituencies only appear in the search bar if they have privatised locations listed against them. If your constituency is missing it may mean that there are no privatised services within that parliamentary area OR it may mean we are still unravelling information from various sources as part of our research, and listings will appear as soon as we have information that we are confident about. Please check back regularly for updates.

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