Ealing Central and Acton

Privatised and outsourced services in this constituency

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  • Crown Street Surgery
    W3 8SA

    Healthshare Group are one of the largest providers nationally of integrated community-based care working with the NHS. They specialise in the design and delivery of Integrated Community Clinical Services and Diagnostics across MSK (musculoskeletal), Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Pain, Women’s Health, Podiatry, Cardiology and Gastroenterology serving over 360K NHS patients per year across 25 CCGS and 27 Prisons.

    Constituency:  Ealing Central and Acton 

  • Cygnet Hospital Ealing
    W5 2HT

    Cygnet Hospital Ealing offers treatment for eating disorders or personality disorders

    Constituency:  Ealing Central and Acton 

  • MSI Choices West London National Treatment Centre
    W5 5BJ

    98% of MSIs abortion treatments are funded by the NHS, with private fee-paying options for those who are not eligible for NHS funding. Over 90% of MSI vasectomies are funded by the NHS via GP referral. A private consultation and procedure costs £550

    Constituency:  Ealing Central and Acton 

  • InHealth Community Diagnostic Centre Ealing
    W13 8RD

    InHealth provide AAA screening, DEXA scanning and MRI services

    Constituency:  Ealing Central and Acton 

  • Ealing RISE - London - West Ealing / Uxbridge Road
    W13 9BP

    Part of Change Grow Live.

    Constituency:  Ealing Central and Acton 

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